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RAW Detox Seminar

The purpose of the seminar is to create awareness about toxicity in the body and the environment, raise consciousness about what we eat, drink and breathe and give real life, practical ways to rid the body of toxicity.  Our goal is to teach the audience to identify sources of toxins and eliminate as many as possible; to recognize symptoms of toxicity in the body and how to detoxify in order to relieve the symptoms.

The seminar is held in our offices.  We strive to bring useful information that people can use immediately after leaving the seminar.

What you can expect from our seminar

When you join us you will learn how to:
  • Remove stagnant energy from specific organs through Qigong exercise
  • Detox the mind
  • Detox the joints of the body
  • Use fresh food to detoxify internal organs
  • Learn to use relaxing ways to detox daily and weekly as health maintenance.

These strategies are easy to implement and the results from a detox are phenomenal.

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        Future Seminar Dates:
                October 2, 2010
                January 29, 2011
                April 30, 2011

        All seminars are from 9:30am - 1:00pm

        Location: 19474 Rinaldi St. Northridge, CA 91326

Movie Screenings

Soft Touch Wellness is passionate about informing the community on wellness-related subjects.  We strive to offer our patients, friends and neighbors a wealth of information that normally is not available through mainstream media.  With that in mind, we created a film series to share eye-opening and even life-changing information with the public. 

Admission to our movie screenings is always FREE. Join our mailing list (hyperlink to form) and get updates on screening dates and new movies coming up in our series.

Upcoming Movie Screenings

Big Bucks Big Pharma
August 14, 2010
3:00pm show time, doors open at 2:30pm
Location: Soft Touch Offices
19474 Rianldi St. Northridge, CA 91326
RSVP required

Below are a few movies we have already shown and will show again.  Click to see previews of the films.

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